Better understanding makes for a better strategy

No one knows you better than you know yourself. That’s why AIM strategists always start the planning process by consulting with you. We can help you determine the message you want to convey and who you want to reach. Combined with extensive industry, product, market, and competition research, we can begin to put together your custom digital strategy.


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I have been working with AIM Internet Marketing for over six months now and I have found a gem! Always attentive, they dig deep to understand our needs, and go the extra mile. I am continually impressed by their business acumen and attention to detail in all of our common projects and happily will recommend AIM’s services forward.
Thanks, Jeff


We are very pleased with the work done by Aim-Marketing. They have been a large help with our digital marketing strategy. Through much data and trend analysis, they have helped us put together a very professional and efficient Adwords campaign. They have demonstrated a high level of commitment, always being available to revise and adapt strategies according to our needs. Because of this, our relative click-through-rate has significantly increased which has led to higher profit and sales rates.

Francisco Echepetelecu

The team at AIM Internet Marketing has been an extremely valuable addition to our team for the past several years. We were wasting lots of money on ineffective AdWords campaigns because we were trying to do it ourselves. The team at AIM took the time to really understand our market, our services and our unique selling proposition. From there, they created powerful online advertising for us that has had over 500% return on investment. So, every $1 invested has brought in over $5 in return. That what I call a smart investment!

Rich Fettke

We have been working with Maike and her team at AIM Internet Marketing for over 3 years now, and we’re very satisfied. They are always on top of things; flexible, responsive, and understand our needs as global marketers active in U.S., Europe, Australia and more. AIM often proposes new ideas of expanding and optimizing, which helps our bottom line and business growth. It’s become natural for us to trust them with the research, management and development of all aspects in our advertising.

Anthony Durazo
Nathan’s Natural

What gives AIM the edge?

First, our 13+ years of experience in digital advertising, leveraged to get your business ahead. We draw upon our experience to determine the best strategies for you. Second, our experience with a multitude of different industries. From gambling to medical products, we know what your potential clients are looking for. Third, our general online marketing proficiency, validated by our Google, Amazon and Outbrain certifications.
An AIM comprehensive digital strategy incorporates any combination of:

Google Ads/SEA (Search Engine Advertising)/PPC

Places you at the top of search results so prospective customers see you first and find you fast.

Display and Banner Advertising

Expands your online reach by targeting customers based on their interests, behaviors and location.

Native Advertising

Engages your customers while they read their favorite content on news sites or blogs with native advertising formats.


Social Media Advertising

Engages your customers and help build relationships with them through innovative advertising and community management.


YouTube Advertising

Captures your audience’s attention on one of the highest traffic websites around.

Mobile Advertising

Delivers your message to potential customers on-the-go.

Web and Graphic Design

Ensures that your site and marketing images look professional and are optimized to attract new customers.


Creates the distinctive appearance that your products and services require and deserve.

Analytics and Conversion Optimization

Monitors, measures and adjusts your campaigns for ongoing performance improvement.


Attracts back and converts your website’s most valuable assets, its previous visitors.


Increases the number of visitors to your website by improving your site’s search engine ranking.

Email Marketing

Increases sales, encourages conversions and builds brands and loyalty with effective, target-driven strategies.

Amazon Ads Services

Uses the full Amazon suite of advertising solutions to make a crucial difference to your Amazon sales.

A digital service to meet your business needs

By offering a wide variety of digital tools and platforms, no matter how large your international reach or how niche your market, we’re able to offer you a services that not only works but fits within your budget.


Regardless of whether you are active in the B2C or B2B sector, want to grow regionally or internationally, want to strengthen your brand message or boost sales.

Google Ads/SEA

Google Ads is our specialty. We are Google Premier Partners.
We’ve been helping businesses find new customers through Google Ads since 2007.

Display and Native Ads

From classic banner advertising to retargeting, video ads and native ads to almost fully automatic programmatic ads.

Social Ads

Ads on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and more


Who wouldn’t want their website to appear at the top of Google in order to reach many potential customers “for free”.

Web and graphic design

Your website is your business card. Good web design stands for seriousness.

Conversion Optimization and Website Analysis

Better data and its correct analysis leads to better results for you.


SEA, SEO, Display, Native Ads, Remarketing, Programmatic, Social Media etc.


According to your requirements, AIM offers a complete and comprehensive package to pursue exactly this goal.


Remarketing is an important tool to increase website sales and/or to keep your brand in the mind of the customer.

Google Data Studio Reporting

Appealing Google Data Studio reports, which clearly summarize and display the data that is most important to you, save you time and facilitate decision-making.

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