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Did you consider the power of display advertising? If you think you know display ads, think again. We deliver ads direct to your target group, meeting precise KPIs and minimizing waste coverage. AIM helps you manage effective, efficient display advertising to increase your brand awareness and extend your online reach.
Display advertising is primarily about graphics and images – image-heavy rather than text-heavy – to act as a dynamic and easily recognisable brand-builder. Display advertising can also precisely target segments of your market and drive your customers to take specific actions.


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I have been working with AIM Internet Marketing for over six months now and I have found a gem! Always attentive, they dig deep to understand our needs, and go the extra mile. I am continually impressed by their business acumen and attention to detail in all of our common projects and happily will recommend AIM’s services forward.
Thanks, Jeff


We are very pleased with the work done by Aim-Marketing. They have been a large help with our digital marketing strategy. Through much data and trend analysis, they have helped us put together a very professional and efficient Adwords campaign. They have demonstrated a high level of commitment, always being available to revise and adapt strategies according to our needs. Because of this, our relative click-through-rate has significantly increased which has led to higher profit and sales rates.

Francisco Echepetelecu

The team at AIM Internet Marketing has been an extremely valuable addition to our team for the past several years. We were wasting lots of money on ineffective AdWords campaigns because we were trying to do it ourselves. The team at AIM took the time to really understand our market, our services and our unique selling proposition. From there, they created powerful online advertising for us that has had over 500% return on investment. So, every $1 invested has brought in over $5 in return. That what I call a smart investment!

Rich Fettke

We have been working with Maike and her team at AIM Internet Marketing for over 3 years now, and we’re very satisfied. They are always on top of things; flexible, responsive, and understand our needs as global marketers active in U.S., Europe, Australia and more. AIM often proposes new ideas of expanding and optimizing, which helps our bottom line and business growth. It’s become natural for us to trust them with the research, management and development of all aspects in our advertising.

Anthony Durazo
Nathan’s Natural

What is Display?

Display ads are situated on third party websites. Display ads appear next to relevant and interesting content for your target market. Display ads are:


targeting key websites



targeting web pages by narrowing down on keywords


Audience & interest

targeting customers based on where and what they’ve searched



targeting based on Google-derived demographic info



targeting relevant mobile apps



targeting social media



targeting customers and users who have already shown an interest in your site

Targeting, targeting, targeting

As you can see, display ads clearly target your users. And they are targeted at every stage of the buying cycle. You reach the users who really want to hear about your product or service. You reach people who are already interested in finding out about you. You can be as precise as you want – there’s no wastage and display advertising fits into any budget.

You set the budget, we do the work

Just tell us your budget and what you want to achieve. Then we’ll collaborate with different vendors across the industry to get you the most relevant placements that match your marketing goals. With our industry connections, we ensure the best available prices to get the most out of your advertising budget. We can place your ads across a variety of channels, including:

  • Ad networks
  • Demand side platforms
  • Facebook Exchange
  • Individual websites
  • Affiliate marketers

We’ll manage the entire process of buying and strategically placing ads, alleviating you of the burden that comes with marketing across multiple channels. Plus, we set up tracking for all platforms so we can monitor and discuss results collaboratively.

A different payment structure

Based on your budget and strategic marketing objectives, we’ll identify the best ad solutions for you, choosing from:

  • Cost Per Impression (CPM) ads, that remain the most common way to buy online display ads with a small fee paid every time an ad appears.
  • Cost Per Click (CPC) ads, that run on different websites according to target criteria, with the ad paid for only when it’s clicked on.
  • Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) ads, that are done through affiliates. CPAs are a great, no-risk addition to your strategy, as they must not only be clicked on, but a purchase must be made for you to be charged. Effectively, running CPA ads through affiliates is ‘commission only’ marketing that pays for itself.

We also manage automated purchase of display ad space in real time – maximising the benefits and minimising the risk of waste coverage.

Make the best campaign decisions possible

With so many options available, it takes real internet marketing experience to make the right decisions on the use of online display and banner advertising. AIM can maximize online banner ad visibility and ROI for any budget.
If you’d like to make the most of your online display advertising, call us at +1 (855) 380-2176 or email info@aim-internet-marketing.com to talk strategy.



Regardless of whether you are active in the B2C or B2B sector, want to grow regionally or internationally, want to strengthen your brand message or boost sales.

Google Ads/SEA

Google Ads is our specialty. We are Google Premier Partners.
We’ve been helping businesses find new customers through Google Ads since 2007.

Display and Native Ads

From classic banner advertising to retargeting, video ads and native ads to almost fully automatic programmatic ads.

Social Ads

Ads on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and more


Who wouldn’t want their website to appear at the top of Google in order to reach many potential customers “for free”.

Web and graphic design

Your website is your business card. Good web design stands for seriousness.

Conversion Optimization and Website Analysis

Better data and its correct analysis leads to better results for you.


SEA, SEO, Display, Native Ads, Remarketing, Programmatic, Social Media etc.


According to your requirements, AIM offers a complete and comprehensive package to pursue exactly this goal.


Remarketing is an important tool to increase website sales and/or to keep your brand in the mind of the customer.

Google Data Studio Reporting

Appealing Google Data Studio reports, which clearly summarize and display the data that is most important to you, save you time and facilitate decision-making.

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