Why use YouTube ads?

Though a well established, universally known website, YouTube advertising is still under-utilized by many marketers. This creates a great opportunity for you to get ahead of your competition and increase brand awareness, while maximizing ROI with inexpensive clicks.

A variety of options to suit you

Another undeniable advantage of YouTube is it’s flexibility of placement options and ad formats. Use any combination of video and traditional ads:

  • In-stream ads that show your video at the start of another YouTube video
  • In-search video ads that appear with specific keywords searches
  • In-display video ads positioned alongside specific YouTube videos when they’re played
  • Image and media rich ads placed throughout the website
  • Regular Pay-Per-Click text ads on specific video webpages, or generally throughout the site

We know what we´re doing

Having explored YouTube’s marketing potential since its launch, AIM specialists know the platform inside out and where its best opportunities lie. We understand how to use YouTube’s power most effectively in your marketing campaigns, whatever the demographics, interests or locations of your customers.

* Source: http://youtube-global.blogspot.com.ar/2012/05/its-youtubes-7th-birthday-and-youve.html

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