A quick guide to how it works

  • A cookie is placed in the browser of those who visit your site, even if they don’t buy or fill in a contact form.
  • This cookie triggers a relevant text, banner or display ad to appear on other websites they subsequently visit.
  • These ads often include strong branding and special sales promotions to provide a visual reminder of your brand name and lure them back to your site.

The importance of staying connected

Why does all this matter to you? Remarketing is a powerful tool for increasing brand awareness and creating new business opportunities. Our clients have seen increases as high as 50% in sales by implementing strong remarketing campaigns.
Another point worth noting…remarketing is extremely efficient. Conversion rates are generally much higher than with
regular campaigns, which results in a lower cost-per-acquisition (CPA).

Not everyone knows remarketing the way we do

Get it wrong, and remarketing can do your brand more harm than good. Our team works hard to ensure that campaigns are creative and economical. Ads are specialized for remarketing, with brand names and specific sales promotions to lure back and convert interested visitors into clients.
We won’t let you commit one of remarketing’s biggest mistakes – over-repetition. If a potential customer sees your ads too often, rather than being ‘turned on’ to your product they can be ‘switched off’.

You can customize just about everything these days

…And remarketing is no exception. Beyond generally targeting all previous website visitors, we can send individualized messages to:

  • Those who abandoned their shopping cart before completing a purchase
  • Users who navigated to a special page on your website
  • Users who browsed your website for longer than a set period of time
  • People who have not returned to your website after a minimum number of days
  • Previous clients who may be interested in another service or buying the same or similar product again
  • Website visitors who match a specific profile or are in a particular geographic region

If you don’t want a would-be customer to walk away, call AIM at +1 (855) 380-2176 or email info@aim-internet-marketing.com