Specialized messages for those on the move

People don’t use their mobile devices in the same way they use a regular computer. We know to customize more “mobile-friendly” ads for the user on the go.

  • If the mobile user is out-and-about, they want a shorter message that will have mobile-friendly features like click-to-call, a mobile optimized landing page and more.
  • WhetherIf you have a small local business or a large-scale operation, using geographically targeted mobile ads with a particular promotion or address can drive more foot traffic to your place of business.

Build a customized mobile landing page

A mobile version of your website can do wonders for online traffic. Designs using less imagery for faster load times, shorter content for quicker reading and simplified contact forms for easier opt-ins have proven to increase the number of people that respond to you via a mobile device.
Our designers create mobile websites customized to your needs. If you don’t want a full mobile site, they can design a single landing page for your marketing campaigns. These websites and landing pages for mobile are optimized to bring you new, relevant leads for your mobile traffic.

Engage your customers wherever they are

By using our experience and expertise, you will be able to target not just potential customers who are away from home, but also the growing number of people who use a mobile device as their primary method of internet browsing.
Whatever your industry, product or service, AIM can develop mobile campaigns and websites that inform, influence and engage to reach potential customers, in one country, a single region or worldwide.

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