Let AIM get you started with Google Analytics

Google has created one of the most complete and insightful analytics tools to evaluate website traffic. We arm all of our client’s websites with Google Analytics tracking to better understand their visitors’ behaviors, including:

  • Where they came from, so we can identify both the best and the underperforming traffic sources
  • What kind of devices or browsers they’ve used to get there, so we can ensure compatibility and improve the visitor experience
  • What pages they visit, so we can gauge their particular interests
  • How long they stay, so we can assess the site’s ‘stickiness’
  • How many sign up or buy, so we can track and improve conversion rates
  • Where they drop out of the checkout process, so we can improve its efficiency
  • … plus so much more.

But wait, Google isn’t all we use

To make sure we get the most comprehensive picture possible, we also use additional analytics tools. Tools such as heat maps and split testing applications help pin-point the features of your website and marketing campaigns that are working best. They also help determine where best to test out new ideas. This allows us to make the necessary adjustments and fine-tuning that maximize the effectiveness of your website and digital marketing efforts.

What can AIM do with analytics?

The question should be, what can’t we do with analytics? By using all the available data, we can:

  • Find and resolve inefficiencies within your website and online marketing efforts
  • Restructure your website or marketing campaigns so they always perform at their best
  • Find new opportunities for growth in your market or into new markets
  • Test new marketing initiatives in a controlled, organized and measurable manner

Using analytics insights for optimized conversions

Analytics is especially important for conversion optimization, which is another one of our specialties. If your business relies on online sales or website conversions to get new clients, you can trust AIM to keep all your advertising messages updated, fresh and optimized. Furthermore we can use testing tools to try new website and campaign designs to further increase the always important conversion rate.

In need of a conversion boost or account restructuring?

We can optimize your digital advertising accounts for conversions even if we don’t regularly manage your campaigns. If you’re in a conversion slump, or simply believe results could be better, talk to us. We have reorganized both large and small accounts to improve conversion numbers and achieve other marketing goals. With our skills and knowledge we can revitalize your accounts for long-term success.

If you’re ready to get optimized, call AIM at +1 (855) 380-2176 or email info@aim-internet-marketing.com and find out how our knowledge of analytics can help your business.