Make an impact with email marketing

Emails are everywhere – for good reason. Did you realize just how important email marketing is in a digital strategy? Return on investment for email marketing is massive. Most companies use email, but not all of them use it effectively. Your emails can make the difference – when they work hard for you. Get in touch with AIM to send emails that stand out, and get opened.

What makes AIM special?

With our capability and in-depth knowledge of digital marketing, we are in the best place to provide you with email expertise that works. We’ll look at what you want to achieve, and manage the entire process. We focus on the key content and methodology to deliver email strategies that hit the mark. We work across a variety of different platforms.

  • A/B testing: Take the guesswork out of emails. We split-test all elements of your email campaigns so you can see for sure what your audience loves.
  • Responsive design: We create responsive emails that display dynamically on any device, depending on your contacts’ preferences.
  • Creative content: Effective email campaigns are all about creativity, targeted connections, and highly relevant information. We help you increase engagement with your email campaigns
  • Signup forms: We expand your audience directly with effective, customized signup forms and autoresponders
  • Reports & analytics: Get the lowdown on how many, how much, where, and when with our tracking and analytics tools

You tell us, we do the work

We recognize that every client is different. Our work is based on discussion, expertise, and communication. Our email marketing services match your specific needs. We work closely with you to design an email marketing strategy that is imaginative, easy to manage, and, above all, effective.

To find out how you can unlock the power of social media, call AIM at +1 (855) 380-2176 or email and let’s make your ‘brand conversation’ flow.