Despite investing in an extensive paid search campaign, a New York fertility clinic was failing to convert their website visitors into clients. The clinic was losing position in an extremely competitive marketplace, so they approached AIM for help.

In-depth data analysis

Because the clinic had been heavily invested in online marketing for a long while, their account gave us a large amount of historical data to draw upon. We began by analyzing all the available data, looking at what had worked and, most crucially, what hadn’t.
Using this information as a starting point, we conducted our own extensive research, analyzing the clinic’s product, market and competition, as well as geographic and demographic targeting metrics. Armed with this information, we were able to identify a number of important key drivers. For example:

  • Many potential clients were searching for very specific treatments for their conditions as opposed to general fertility issues.
  • Targeting each of these conditions and treatments with specific keywords offered lower cost-per-click opportunities.
  • Choice of text and images strongly affected conversion performance, and was dependent on geographic location and device.

TTo meet the client’s target cost per acquisition (CPA), we were able to ‘weed out’ regions that were not only expensive to target, but ones that were failing to generate enough conversions to be cost-effective.

Step-by-step implementation

From this in-depth understanding, we were able to create a plan for moving forward that fundamentally revised the clinic’s previous approach. To re-energize the clinic’s online marketing and generate more conversions at a lower cost, we began to implement changes, including:

  • Identifying new, relevant keywords with significant demand
  • Introducing more specific keywords with a lower cost-per-click for optimal use of budget
  • Strategic bid adjustments based on previous performance
  • Refreshing content copy to make ads more targeted
  • Establishing greater account organization, by pausing, deleting or restructuring underperforming adgroups, keywords and ads
  • Setting up a test program of new landing pages aimed at specific adgroups


The results?

Once all the pieces were in place, the clinic began to report astonishing results.

  • Conversions quickly increased by 600%.
  • Cost-per-conversion dropped from $114.21 to $53.01 in one month!
  • Increased efficiency and greater reach with the same budget.
  • Higher traffic quality, with analytics data showing longer time on site and lower bounce rates, and other improved indicators.

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