What is A/B Landing Page Testing and Why is it Needed?

Many website owners are not aware of the importance of A/B Testing, but let us tell you, it is crucial for your company’s growth. It is used to determine the most effective website content and design for your business and marketing goals. The method allows you to test and refine changes to your website’s current design elements and marketing messages.

Why make a change to your “live” webpages based on a notion when you can test the idea first? In the competitive world of online marketing, trial and error is not only too risky, but also unnecessary. Taking advantage of A/B Testing can save you time and money. AIM experts can set up landing page tests that give you valuable insight into the types of people visiting your website. We present you with the test results and you have the final say in the design elements.

And what do you get out of it?! Increased sales, leads or downloads, plus overall improvement in the way users interact with your site.

How We Use A/B Landing Page Testing to Improve your Company’s Website

The process can be a tedious one, and the AIM team is up to the task. First, we do research and create a new version of the current page with strategic changes. Each visitor is then randomly shown the original landing page (A) or the test page (B). Their site usage (whether they make a purchase, exit the page, browse the rest of the site longer, etc.) is tracked to see which page produces better results. This data is then used to help determine which version of your landing page achieves the best results for your business. And trust us, the amount of things you can test is endless, so we can keep testing until marketing or revenue goals are met.

Some of the specific services AIM experts provide are:

  • Split Testing – Constructing a new landing page with minor or significant changes from the original and test it.
  • A/B Testing – Slightly modifying elements on your existing landing pages without having to create a new one or use a different URL.
  • Multivariate Testing – Identifying and testing multiple combinations of different variables on a landing page at once.
  • Heatmaps – Working with Heatmaps to identify the browsing behavior of your page’s visitors; where they are and are not clicking.
  • Usability Testing – Creating customized messages to ask visitors their opinion on ease of use, page navigation or design.
  • Tracking – Following all pertinent data such as: conversions rates, bounce rates, click-through-rates and more.

Because of AIM’s extensive experience building and testing websites, we already have a wealth of knowledge on what works and what doesn’t. We then use tools like: www.visualwebsiteoptimizer.com and http://optimizely.com and Google Experiments to either make slight changes to your landing page for testing, or to split test an alternative page that our designers create.

Some of Our Experience & Success
Using A/B Testing

    • Client A (Natural Health Industry)

      • AIM Services – A/B tested one of their highest traffic landing pages. One variable we tested involved placing customer reviews closer to the purchasing link on the web page. Almost immediately after starting this test, submissions to the order page skyrocketed. We also found that removing promotional texts from the order pages increased the amount of order form completions.
      • Results – Increased their overall conversion rate by more than 70% in less than three months.

Cliente-A r


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    • Client B (International E-commerce)

      • AIM Services – Made adjustments to the website contact form, along with rearranging content and incorporating a new color scheme. With less focus on the order form, the visitor concentrated more on call to action buttons.
      • Results – Raised the click-through and overall conversion rates for their site by over 60% within a month.

Cliente-B r


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    • Client C (Beauty Industry)

      • AIM Services – Testing new images and using more direct wording of text dramatically improved website performance. Incorporating flash images on the checkout pages, offering promotions and improving text also improved website performance.
      • Results – Improved landing page conversion rate by 166% within a month.

Cliente-C r


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    • Client D (Smaller, More Localized)

      • AIM Services – Ran a series of A/B tests. The most significant improvement came from incorporating more product descriptions and research data on the landing page. The test data indicated that, with the additional information on the landing page, there were increases in both sale inquiries and overall traffic.
      • Results – A 38% improvement in conversion rate.

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